The advantages of the application

Format. All photonotes are stored as graphic files, just like regular photos. You don't need to worry about exporting notes from the application or compatibility with other platforms – just copy the files from the notes directory (DCIM/PhotoNotes) to any device in any way you like. Information will not be lost.

EXIF. The text of the comment is saved in the photonote file itself in the EXIF tag UserComment and can be read by stuff means of almost any operating system. Other note properties are also recorded in EXIF, including GPS coordinates, snapshot creation time and time zone set on the device during the shooting (OffsetTimeOriginal attribute).

Unicode. The comment text is saved in Unicode encoding, so it can be created in any language supported by this encoding.

Full job with the location. Removing coordinates from a photonote is as easy as adding them – all done with a single switch.

Integrated camera. The application works with the device's camera directly and does not depend on other apps for taking pictures.

No advertising and spying. The application is completely free, does not contain any advertising and does not spy on you. It is created by and for enthusiasts.